Organisatie, communicatie, concepting

Ik ben zelfstandig maker van concepten (verzameling van ideeën verpakt in een goed verhaal die de basis vormt voor je communicatiemiddelen en mediamix) EN/OF delen daarvan zoals: tekst (web, print, longcopy, shortcopy), beeld (fotobewerking, video, animatie), digitale media (o.a. websites, content creatie) evenementen (productie en programma), communicatieplannen. Strategie & uitvoering.

Ik werkte o.a. voor en met: Gemeente Amsterdam, IDFA, Oxfam Novib, De Schoolschrijver, 100-100-100, European Cultural Foundation, Doc Next Network, StrangerFestival, LOI / NTI, Global Green Events, Virtueel Platform / Het Nieuwe Instituut, Waag Society (Creative Learning Lab en Picnic Young), Mediamatic, Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort, Melkweg, Amsterdam Roots Festival, Amnesty International, Lowlands, De Volkskrant en meer...

Wat anderen zeggen:

"Puck is a very dedicated, socially aware and creative personality, who brings a lot of knowledge, humor and always a bright sparkle to your team. She is flexible, does not shy away for the unconventional approaches, but always thinks things well through. She is a precise and all round professional. I have been working with Puck for many years for the media programmes Youth and Media and Doc Next Network I ran at the European Cultural Foundation and it was a real pleasure." - Vivian Paulissen, Head of Programmes at European Cultural Foundation


"Puck is very fast and effective and has a good analytical approach to projects. She is a no-nonsense personality who gets to the core. Due to her great knowledge of youngsters and digital developments she has been a great asset to the Youth and Media programme we ran at the ECF. The Stranger Festival we organised commonly in Studio K here in Amsterdam was also a success due to Puck's professionalism." - Mascha Ihwe, PR & marcom advisor

"Puck is the kind of person you NEED to have in your team to make things work. The kind of person that thinks problems are just great challenges and has a creative answer for everything. During the two years we worked together on the European youth and media project of ECF, we came across many difficult roads, but she always found a way to stay focused, positive and pragmatic. With her dedication and her profound expertise in the field of media and youth, she helped us develop the project into a solid international program. I sure miss working with her!" - Raya Ribbius, Senior Account Manager Corporate Partnerships at Save the Children UK

"I’ve known Puck for a decade or two now… And I usually track her down when I need advice on how the Amsterdam cultural policy world works. There are plenty of inspiring ideas out there. But Puck knows how to connect a particular idea to the people, policy-makers and/or institutions that can help turn these ideas into reality. It’s still a weird and magical world for me but she seems to have it figured out…" - Steve Korver, editor

"Puck is an extremely creative organiser. At all times, she thinks out of the box and comes up with fresh ideas and advanced solutions. She is a well experienced text writer and a dedicated peoples manager. Last but not least, Puck is great fun and a very pleasant person to work with." - Abey Jaarsma, Vitaliteitscoach & Leefstijlcoach (NOBCO & BGN)

"Sharp, hard worker, innovative, networked, critical but simultaneously a warm person to work with. Inspiring professional to work with." - Tommi Laitio, Executive Director, Culture and Leisure Helsinki